Let’s face it. When you are a celeb adored by millions, you’re not entitled to much privacy. You are a public figure and your life becomes fodder for the media, gossips and fans. That’s the trade off, but it doesn’t make it fair.

When One Direction‘s Zayn Malik quit Twitter yesterday, essentially saying ‘Peace Out’ to five million followers and fans, it was due to his disgust over web-created drama. As we sifted through the mess, it seems that celeb blogger Perez Hilton is at the center of the controversy, aka Twittergate.

Gigwise reports that A-listers Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have all unfollowed Hilton since it was he who posted and tweeted a video of what looks like Malik inviting someone who’s not his girlfriend (Perrie Edwards) back to his hotel room. Perhaps that was the pop star show of solidarity. Despite their A-lister status, they won’t be abused by the gossip tabs and sites posting damaging and unconfirmed videos?

The vid was captured through a hotel room peep hole – beyond creepy, we know. A bodyguard intervenes and sends the girl away, only to have Malik tell her to come back once he is solo.

The authenticity of the vid is in question and it’s damaging not only to a reputation, but a relationship.

After Hilton posted the video, he then suggested that he predicted the drama with Malik. That tweet is below.

That tweet also caused a firestorm of angry Directions to go after Hilton. And as mentioned, several stars stopped following him. He didn’t seem apologetic, and, well, as a member of the media, that’s his right. That doesn’t mean that an unsubstantiated video such as the one he posted should be made public or start a gossip cycle that could hurt people. Malik may have come back to Twitter already, but he had a right to be mad. Hilton is sometimes sensitive to his subjects, but in this case, he’s sticking by his choice, even if hate is being hurled his way by an army of teen girls.

Below is Malik’s return-to-Twitter tweet. He basically enjoyed a one day vacay from the social messaging site.

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