If anyone living in Pampa, Texas didn't know who Back Up Terry was before yesterday--they sure do now.

Terry took the world by storm in 2019 when his wheelchair chose not to remember how to reverse--while fireworks burst around his feet. The Internet fell in love with Terry right then and there.

Imagine the Texas Panhandle's surprise and glee to hear that the city leaders of Pampa, Texas had booked Terry himself as the special guest for the town's annual Fourth of July festivities--including a spot in the parade.

I was amazed at the level of excitement shown by Pampa about Terry Davis coming to town. And frankly, I love the fact that little Pampa was innovative enough to put their money where it counts. That's a heck of a way to show civic engagement.

So I decided to ask folks from the town to send in any pictures they had of them and Back Up Terry in exchange for a shoutout on the afternoon radio show. BOY I GOT MORE THAN I EXPECTED.

In fact, I got so many replies with photos that I can't possibly give everyone the shout-out they deserve....so I'll do the next best thing and show their cool photo op with Back Up Terry below. Take a look!

LOOK: Back Up Terry visits Pampa, Texas

The star of a beloved, quotable viral video was the special guest of Pampa's 4th of July celebration.

Terry Davis and his family flew to Pampa and spent the 2023 Independence Day festivities taking photos with local residents. Check out some of the pictures sent to us below!


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