UPDATE (4/15): "Just Like Fire" has officially dropped, and it's got the attitude of "You Make Me Sick" with the ease of "Please Don't Leave Me." If you're a Pink fan, you'll probably dig it — listen above.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

If Pink plays her cards right — and doesn't jump to get the party started — her next single could do the forthcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass some serious justice.

The singer, who hasn't released a solo song since 2013 (save for an Ellen theme song), announced yesterday (April 4) she's got a new project on the way for the Disney movie's soundtrack called "Just Like Fire." Set for an April 15 release date, the Max Martin-produced track will follow Pink's cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" that scored an Alice trailer released in February.

"It's one of the more exciting things I've ever done in my life," Pink says of her coming release in the studio clip above.

Something that could ensure that excitement is validated? First, while Martin has produced some of Pink's biggest catered-for-radio hits (the Billboard No. 1 "So What" and "Raise Your Glass" among them), he's also behind "Who Knew" and "I Don't Believe You," two of her catalog's more restrained and powerful vocal showcases. And the performance of her last album considered, which found ballad "Just Give Me a Reason" outperforming any of its more uptempo sister tracks (it went platinum four times in the U.S. alone), it's clear fans of late are more interested to hear something more refined from the singer. Gimmicks like "U + UR Hand" might have been just the ticket 10 years ago, but these days the Pink-faithful have stuck around to hear that voice.

What are you hoping to hear from Pink's next single? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see Alice Through The Looking Glass when it hits theaters on May 27.

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