The power of social media is a great and terrible beauty. And few things can illustrate its raw power better than the recent viral sensation that is a tattoo shop's public plea to identify a brazen habitual exhibitionist who had made their Downtown Amarillo shop part of his daily routine.

Timothy Marry of Puppeteer Ink Tattoo Studio made his post, which you can view here, in the late afternoon of Wednesday, March 22. Within hours, he had more information than he could have ever imagined, and the phone number of a detective with Amarillo Police Department's Special Victims Unit.

Funny Nickname, Unfunny Exhibition

While the nickname may be humorous, the details surrounding the Polk Street Wanker are deeply unsettling.

According to Timothy, the first incident took place on February 15.

A large black truck came down 5th street with the windows down and sunroof rolled back, the driver had chosen to forego pants. While he wore a shirt, his nether regions were clearly meant to be the star of the show.

The tattoo studio is located on the second story of the building on 500 S. Polk, and the large windows of the shop offered the perfect bird's eye view.

Then, as soon as he appeared, he turned right on Polk Street and was gone.

"We just thought it was a crazy thing that happened or whatever," Timothy said. "Well, the next day, we see this guy again."

The tattoo artist had been getting ready to do a tattoo when he looked out the window and saw the large black truck pass by the second story window of his shop. He goes on to describe that he saw the man furiously pleasuring himself, "like he had a vendetta against his penis".

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

In a moment of shell-shocked disbelief, Josh (one of the studio's other artists) gave the brazen stranger the catchy moniker of The Polk Street Wanker.

The Escalation

The sightings of the bare-bottomed marauder became more frequent and it became clear that the exhibitionist had a routine. He could be counted on to come down 5th street and turn left on Polk. According to Timothy and other artists in the shop, the driver frequently circled the block several times, making prolonged eye contact with whomever was at the window as he rolled past.

"He would make it a point to make serious, creepy eye contact with my wife, and our piercer, Sarah (Miller)," Timothy says.

Kayla Reyna, Timothy's wife and apprentice at Puppeteer Ink, confirms the detail. Adding that the pants-challenged older man seemed to circle the block until he was sure that he was seen.

As the risque stranger in the black truck became more brazen, Timothy and the other artists at Puppeteer Ink Studio became more and more fed up with the flashy antics.

"We have kids that are up here....and they usually sit right by at this exact window!" Timothy said, citing his own children as well as those of clients visiting the shop. "That's the main reason we started calling the cops, making reports, and waiting to get him on video."

The Elusive Wanker

Catching the Polk Street Wanker on video was a task that proved trickier than expected

"We had been trying to get a video of this guy for a while," Timothy said. "But he's like the most elusive guy. Every time he came, like, I'm tattooing or I've got gloves on or everybody is too busy to get their phone out in time. But that day...we f***ng got him."

He made the post with one simple request: if you know this man, please let me know so we can hold him accountable.

**UPDATE:** An arrest warrant was issued on 3/24/23 and as of 3/28/23, the individual surrendered to authorities and was booked in and out of Potter County on a charge of Public Indecency. 

Doing the Right Thing

The post quickly imploded. For the purposes of this article, we have chosen to omit the alleged identity of the Polk Street Wanker due to the public availability of the information along with the ongoing current legal proceedings against the individual.

These type of showy behaviors tend to be part of a pattern. Such as the person shown in the shocking videos captured by Timothy Marry shows. The artists at the shop openly expressed that they couldn't help but wonder how long the pattern would have continued.

That is, until that one fateful day he unwittingly chose to die by his own fleshy sword at the corner of 5th & Polk.

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