If there is a true inner circle of Hell, It won't be Judas waiting for me. It'll be an eternal boulevard of poorly timed traffic lights.

I have been a stalwart and vocal zealot in my distaste for this city's traffic lights. And I know I am most certainly not the only person who gets their blood boiling at these infernal irregular signals. I've written the open letters and I've ranted loudly over a few Shiners with many who share my opinion.

Two Lights. One Night.

I've had a bone to pick with the city engineers with the lights on two intersections in particular: The one off I-40 & Bell--the first one you hit when you head south, on Everett. And the one on I-27 & Washington, where the Sonic is.

And now, guess what? The bone I need to pick has gotten a whole lot bigger. Over the weekend, there were two motorcycle wrecks at those exact intersections I've been so worked up about.

After reading the news stories of these horrible wrecks, I came across several posts from multiple people involved in both wrecks that I won't share here out of respect for the families and those involved. But in all of these posts there was one thing that all parties pointed towards as the problem. Can you guess what it was?

Surprise. The abysmal timing of the traffic light change.

Normally, I'd be pleased that I'm right--but considering the fact that one of the motorcyclists passed away from his injuries and the rider in the other wreck on Bell was seriously injured--I'm not pleased at all. At all. 

Time To Walk The Talk

It's time to stop simply typing paragraphs about the annoyances and outright danger posed by the poorly timed traffic lights in Amarillo. Instead, it's time to start doing something about it. And the first step in fixing the problem is to identify the problem.

That's where you come in. So, where are the terrifying intersections with mistimed traffic lights? Send in the street names by filling out the survey form below.

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