The worst thing in the world, is to be running late and then be stuck at an intersection forever. We all have those certain lights we try to avoid. Here are my top 5 worst intersections in Amarillo.

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    The Canyon E-Way and Washington

    This intersection is always busy. At any given time you will be able to see a line of cars waiting, especially around the time school gets and through the 5 O'Clock drive home. Now this intersection isn't so much slow as it is dangerous. I have never seen so many people run red lights as they do at this intersection. If you have to go through this intersection, STOP when the light is red please.

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    Western and Wolfin

    If it is 5:00 pm, I avoid this intersection at all cost. The lights here are the slowest I have ever seen. There are times when the line of cars reaches from Wolflin all the way to Plains Blvd. Unless you enjoy sitting in your car and people riding your bumper, I'd find a different route.

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    Georgia and the Canyon E-Way

    Yet another intersection to avoid any time of the day. I don't know if it is because the driver license office is near by or what, but these lights seem to idle on red. And on top of the wait, people seem to lose their patience here and drive rudely. No one is courteous enough to let you into their lane, because they don't want to miss the green light. If you have issues with road rage, I'd suggest staying far away from this intersection.

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    I-40 and Ross

    I'm sure we have all been by this intersection before. The lines of cars are endless. The City of Amarillo has even added one of the red light cameras to prevent running red lights. I'm sure there is a wait time between 7 and 10 minutes.  Horrible!

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    Plains Blvd and Bell Street

    This is by far the worst intersection in Amarillo. Cars lined up bumper to bumper from I-40 to Plains and from Plains north. This is the one intersection where all four directions have a wait time. The red lights here to seem to last forever, but at the same time the green light changes instantly. It is so frustrating. So my advice would be avoid this intersection at all cost!


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