The decision on June 26 by Governor Abbott to close bars and limit restaurant capacity shocked me. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it has to be, being a bar owner in a time like this where you've been shut down not once, but twice.

Pondaseta Brewing Co. is doing what they can to keep going, and that means to-go and curbside service only.

If you've never been to Pondaseta Brewing Co., you need to check it out. Especially if you like good beer.  They also have wine and ciders available.

They're open Tuesday through Sunday, 12 PM to 8 PM.

Their selection of beer brewed right here in Yellow City is really good. It's constantly changing as they are always coming up with something new.

Plus, it's a nice place to relax. It's usually pretty chill, and the atmosphere is good for just sitting and enjoying a local brew. Once the Governor gives the "okay" for them to reopen, I recommend checking it out sometime.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest updates on what they're working on and what they have available. You can also order from their website.

My heart goes out to everyone in the business of keeping us supplied with our favorite libations. It definitely doesn't seem fair that these were the places targeted hardest, especially when our area isn't seeing the spike in cases like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston.

If you're going to be picking up some cold beer to go along with all the grilling you'll be doing this weekend, shop local. We have several local brewers, like Pondaseta Brewing Co.


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