Pooh Shiesty has been making a name for himself over the last two years out of a city with a storied hip-hop history. The young Memphis native has taken off at just 21 years old, with a Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit to his name, along with a successful debut mixtape. As an artist signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Records/Atlantic Records, Pooh has already turned his big opportunity into something special  as his song "Back in Blood" featuring Lil Durk peaked at No. 13 on the Hot 100. Not half-bad for an artist who's only been rapping since he was 18 years old. Due to the runaway success of the song, producers far and wide are trying to match the vibe of the YC-produced record with Pooh Shiesty type beats.

As a clever rapper with a dark sense of humor, Pooh's dance between the seriousness of the street and his straight-to-the-point threats in his lyrics made him hot. His debut mixtape, Shiesty Season, which landed at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 albums chart last December and sold 66,000 units in its first week, features those kinds of rhymes and a variety of trap, drum-heavy beats produced by the likes of TP808, DocPlayboi, Nile Waves, CMo, Abaz, X-plosive, Real Red, Skywalker OG, SoulSoundz, Tugga and more. Where Pooh varies in his taste in beats is with the tempo. "Back In Blood" and "Neighbors," produced by CMo, are mid-tempo, with the latter being noticeably faster. However, "Choppa Way," produced by Real Red, and the Tugga-produced "Take A Life" featuring Foogiano kind of crawl, allowing Pooh to show off more of the charisma he has in droves.

On "Back in Blood," the star of that beat is the piano keys, recognizable anywhere. They rise and fall, consistently through the duration of the song, but the drums set the pace. The way the drums are programmed sounds polished, coming through cleanly without being overdone. According to YC himself, he tweaked an 808 to be different from the fray, and used one similar to what his friend and fellow producer Tay Keith uses. All of these factors, the quick tempo and the consistency in sounds helped make it a hit.

For "7.62 God," one of Pooh's biggest songs that predates "Back in Blood," the TP808-produced song is drum-heavy, which carries the entire beat. The use of horns and strings make it sound like royalty is arriving; fitting that this was his first huge song. The CMo-produced "Neighbors," a Shiesty Season single, is closer to "7.62 God" due to its pace and Memphis-bred bounce, harkening back to the type of drums Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul and Juicy J crafted. Amongst the differences, all of these sounds fit together and add to Pooh's appeal. He tends to pick beats that sound great loud while never getting lost in the production he raps over.

Before the rapper makes his next move, check out some Pooh Shiesty type beats that were made with his sound in mind below.

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