Poppy has publicly stood up to an ex-boyfriend after he released personal photos and leaked music demos.

The musician announced that she and Titanic Sinclair (her former boyfriend and longtime creative partner) had split in December, writing at the time, "I met this person at a young age and things were seemingly good for a while until echoes from his past were too loud to ignore."

On Wednesday (May 6), Poppy shed more light on the breakup by releasing a statement via Twitter detailing how her ex leaked private images of her and unreleased demos in an attempt to make her "feel small, insecure and exposed."

"My ex boyfriend would always tell me I looked ugly without makeup on and I should never been seen without it," she wrote. "Making these makeup videos not only helped me feel more comfortable in my skin, but I want to encourage other people that are being constantly put down in a similar way that it's ok to love yourself + your skin."

Poppy continued, "That person is releasing photos of me without makeup (and blonde hair) plus very personal demos that only he has. This is an attempt to make me feel small, insecure and exposed."

"Those tactics aren't going to work," she confidently added. "I am proud of my bare face and I am happy I no longer feel the way I did I chose not to release those demos for personal reasons. I no longer have that choice as it was taken from me, so hope you enjoy. Love all my fans and thank you for all the support."

You can see Poppy's full post, below:

poppy tweet
Poppy, Twitter

Though she didn't mention Sinclair by name, it didn't take long for the hashtag #titanicsinclairisoverparty to begin trending after fans came up with their own conclusions and quickly defended the singer on Twitter.

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