World leaders gathered today to honor Nelson Mandela.  While everyone was focused on remembering the man who made an impact on the world, President Obama was focused on taking a selfie.

If you mention the word 'selfie' most everyone knows what you are talking about.  People take selfies to show their mood, clothing, location and other aspects of their life.  President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt used a selfie to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Tuesday, world leaders gathered for a memorial service in the 95,000-seat stadium in Soweto, the township that came to symbolize the struggle against the brutal white-minority rule that Mandela fought for decades.

Although we are not sure who instigated the photo opportunity, Obama seemed more than happy to oblige.  His wife, not so much.

Do you think it is rude or disrespectful to take selfies at a memorial service?

Obama Takes Selfie With World Leaders At Mandela Memorial, And Michelle Is Having None Of It

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