I will be the first to admit that I take the worst selfies. My daughter, on the other hand, is a pro. I get it. That is more her thing. I have tried. I always am either looking at the wrong place or heck I just look so out of place in my own picture.

So would you believe that there is a place in Amarillo that will make this a problem of the past? They will help you with your selfies and make you look cool while taking one. An SOS from me was probably why this has become a thing.

Of course, my daughter found this location and score if it is not far from my house. A selfie studio. Just what I thought we would never need but turns out to be a pretty good business venture.

Heck if you are looking for a cool first date idea or even a team bonding experience this all the way for the win. I mean laughing over the lack of my ability for a selfie would make for a steller win.

Dwalls Studio is either the best last name of a business owner or a great play on words. I mean come on you need walls and backdrops to make any selfie stand out. So why not?

I mean this is the best business I never knew we needed. They are located at 34th and Georgia in that shopping center with the Subway and Pizzeria Nomad. I mean what a fun way to succeed at those dang selfies.

So grab your friends and make those selfies the best they have ever been. They have over 20 selfie backdrops and rooms. You will leave with some great photos, even if I am taking them.

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