The 4th of July has not even happened yet and they trying to push pumpkin stuff!

I spoke to a friend who told me him and his family were in Gemantown, Wisconsin last week visiting family. While there they saw something at the local grocery store that blew their mind. Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch cereal.

Typically we don't see this kind of thing till maybe late August. But this is not the first time a pumpkin product came out way before the fall.

Last year from some reason Werther's Originals was trying to get the jump on everyone else. They released the first pumpkin product with their pumpkin spice caramels. That actually sounds pretty good.

Most companies try to wait till at least the end of July to start getting stuff out there. But now it seems you will not have to wait if you really love pumpkin flavor anything.

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