Ali Ramos who spoke up locally about Jesse Quackenbush and his Big Beaner endeavor has decided to run for Amarillo City Council. Disability advocate and a master’s degree holder in social work, Ali Ramos will file for one of the four Amarillo City Council seats that are open in the upcoming May 2021 election


Ramos was born and raised in Amarillo, TX, and is passionate towards transparency and authenticity in our local governmental positions. “My hopes in becoming a city council person are to represent the city at large. I also want to find ways to bring more job opportunities to Amarillo, especially those in the tech industry. This type of business could put Amarillo on the path for innovation and advance,” Ramos stated.


Ramos’ experience in political activism includes representing the National Association of Social Workers Texas chapter through various leadership positions. She also holds a vice chair position for a local city commission called the Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities and a board member position with a worldwide 501(c)3 called NMD United. Ramos’ work history includes several years in nonprofit work and she recently began a remote faculty position at Columbia School of Social Work. Before joining the social services field, Ramos worked as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator.


“When you first see me, you’ll immediately notice that I’m disabled. Why is this important? Well, in all honesty, it isn’t. It does however offer me a perspective that many others aren’t able to relate to. I know what it’s like to struggle and to be oppressed. I understand the plea of the citizens when all they want is to be heard. I’m here to know your story. Although I am not able to completely relate to all hardships, my ears are open and my heart aches for anyone that experience unwavering difficulties.”

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