KISS-FM's got the fresh & new music on your radio and we need you to Rate The Music!  We're adding the new Ellie Goulding to the play-list!  Also, Calvin Harris is back in a duet with Ne-yo and we need your opinion!

We'll start off with the new jam from the British DJ, Calvin Harris, teaming up with Ne-Yo for a new jam called Let's Go.  It has a really funky electronic beat to it and both of these guys have some chops on them!  They can sing!  The duet blends nicely in my ears, and I think this one has got some real potential!  What do you think?


Next is a brand new artist to the play-list, Ellie Goulding.  She's an English singer/song writer who has a great look, smile and voice.  I love her voice as a matter of fact, it's just so distinguished!  Anyways, this new song of hers, Lights, is really picking up some momentum and becoming recognized world wide!  So we figured, why ignore it?  Let's give her a shot!  She's selling huge numbers on I-Tunes and is definitely becoming a star right in front of our eyes, so let's get your thoughts on this song :)

Make sure you take a second and Rate The Music!  Just click your opinion in the polls above and help us out!  It's YOUR radio station and YOUR play-list!  If these songs don't belong, we need to know, so let your voice be heard!  Thanks for listening to 96.9 KISS-FM!

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