Planning for holidays is something everyone has to do. If you don't, it'll creep up on you before you know it. So what's next on our list?

Easter. The glorious time for hunting down easter eggs, either exquisitely painted, or full of candy and even money. However, when it comes to Easter, we don't think of it the same as Halloween or Christmas.

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What do I mean by that? Well, those holidays always have extra events going on leading up to the big day. Easter does too, we just don't put two and two together sometimes. I've done a little hunting myself, see what I did there, and tracked down some events to attend, both for kids and adults. Take a look at what's happening in Amarillo.


Here's a fun one for the kiddos that is also educational. Put on by the folks at Amazing Grace Amarillo, the kids will get a chance to do crafts, learn some lessons about what Easter means, and sing some songs. Things all kids love to do, right? They'll also get to partake in an Easter-themed snack and go on an Easter egg hunt! The event is scheduled to take place on March 25th.


This is no April Fool's joke. Happening on April 1 at the Church of Christ at The Colonies, it's the ultimate hunt! The festivities kick off at 9:30 am with a photo scavenger hunt. Of course, the winners will lock down some prizes. Then you need to get fueled up for the event that follows, so there will be free hot dogs, chips, and soda to make sure you're full of energy for the next event.

That would be the big Easter egg hunt! This will go down at 12 pm and is for all ages. All we ask is that you don't start knocking your kids down as you go after those eggs, parents.


The Amarillo Zoo always offers some fun-themed things, and for Easter, they've concocted a pretty cool one. Kids and parents alike will get a chance to meet the animals at the zoo that are egg-layers, as well as egg-eaters. Encounters with those animals, as well as some enrichment events to learn about them, and a fun Safari Show will all be a part of this event taking place on April 8th.

There is a cost associated with this event, but you can skip the line by pre-purchasing your tickets for it here.


We didn't forget about you parents. Here's your reason for leaving the kids with the grandparents after the big Easter egg hunt and get away for a couple of hours. The Drunken Oyster will have their annual Easter brunch full of great eats and adult drinks. Yes, I see some mimosas being consumed here. Live music will be on-site to keep you entertained while you enjoy your kid-free meal. Don't miss the brunch happening on April 9th from 11 am to 3 pm.

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