One of the best parts about Christmas is finding the perfect tree to put up in your home. Sure, there's the artificial trees you can find everywhere, but the smell and feel of a real tree is unmatched. However, Amarillo seems to believe differently.

Everywhere else I've lived I've found TONS of places to buy a real tree at. Christmas tree lots pop up like pumpkin patches. Amarillo is very different though, as I don't see those places pretty much anywhere.

If you're like me, you want to grab the biggest, fullest tree your house or area will allow. If I have to trim it a bit to make it fit, I'm fine with that. Problem is I don't know where I can go to compare trees. I feel like Amarillo is limited to just a couple of places to find a tree that isn't your typical six foot tree.

I want to be able to choose what type of tree I want, the smell I want to infect my house with for the next month. I just don't know where to go outside of one or two places.

The one constant we can count on in Amarillo is Troop 80 Treeland. They opened up just after Thanksgiving and is pretty much THE spot to go if you want a good selection of trees. They've got everything you could want, from Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, and a couple of other options.

Tall trees, short trees, every size you can imagine. I'm headed there this weekend without a doubt. They're at 1615 Bellaire.

Outside of that, I think the only place I can think of that even carries a selection of trees is Home Depot. I swear I've seen them there, but maybe I'm wrong. I know the selection wasn't exactly extensive.

Can we please get more Christmas tree places in Amarillo? I need multiple options, because I want that tree to be perfect.

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