Tyson Foods has issued a recall and it's a big one. Some 69,000 lbs of chicken strips, could possibly include pieces of metal.

Better safe than sorry, should be the motto of people who have bought Tyson"s "Crispy Chicken Strips" need to check the dates and throw out any item that fits the recall.

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Thursday that, products under the recall include: Tyson fully cooked Buffalo-style chicken strips in 25-ounce bags, Tyson fully cooked crispy chicken strips in 25-ounce bags and Spare Time fully cooked Buffalo-style chicken strips in a 20-pound case.

All affected products have a use-by date of November 30, 2019.

These recalled items were shipped to retail locations nationwide and there have not been any reports of illness or injury.

If you have them in your freezer, throw them away or return them to the store you purchased them from.

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