When you are trying to sell a home or even get one rented out the ad is everything. You have to talk about the property. You need to actually show off the place. Nobody wants to rent a place that you have no idea what it looks like inside.

That just seems too dangerous. I mean I know you will probably want to look at it first. Take a tour of the place. If you don't know anything about the place why would you take the time to drive over and check it out?

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As someone selling or looking for a tenant it doesn't take much to go inside and take some pictures. So to me, that is a red flag. I saw a listing the other day that left a lot to be desired. I was curious.

The ad shows this house.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

It's located on Herman Street. I never heard of Herman Street, though it was walking distance from my house. About a half mile. So I decided to drive by. I would have missed it and apparently, I have the seven years I lived in my Bivins home. It's about half a block long. The street doesn't look like it belongs among all the other homes in the area.

The ad states this is a one-bedroom and one-bath home. They want six hundred dollars for it. They had a long list of rules and requests. I get it. They want someone trustworthy in their place I guess. You can pay monthly or weekly. That I found strange.

You have to run all the regular background checks. They will not rent to you if you have a history of not keeping your place clean. Wait? What? I have never seen that before. I mean I always keep my place clean, whether I rented or owned, it's what I do. Not everyone does.

You can smoke in the place. That is allowed as long as it's not drugs you are smoking. Who is going to own up to that anyway? I know you want good clean tenants. The owner said that drug users have other priorities other than paying rent. That makes sense.

The property ad did not show one indoor photo at all. Red flag. I messaged the owner just to see what he would say. The response? Something that did not match up with my question at all. He replied, "Hello here now". What? What does that mean?

I drove by and he sure wasn't at the house if that is what he meant. It seemed like a bot responding. I had no interest in the home but like I said I was curious. He then changed the listing to a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom house roommate. How could this tiny house just now be looking for a roommate? Then he changed the description.

So I went back to see what he changed it to and it's gone. I feel bad for anyone looking for a place to live right now. You have to comb through so many ads. You have to contact so many people just to find out most of them are scams.

That is what I felt about this one. When I drove by there was not a For Rent sign or anything to make it look like they were actively looking for someone. Heck, what would I know these days? It just seems a little fishy. Everyone has to be safe out there looking for places to live. It's a lot of work.

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