This proves one thing, women seem to like a-holes.  I have no idea why, but women seem to be attracted to the man that pushes them away them most, or beats them to the point that their face is covered in bruises.  I'm not judging Rihanna for getting back with Chris Brown, but those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it as they say!  And now, Rihanna is saying words like "love" and "baby" between her and Chris Brown!

And you know what, we shouldn't judge her for it!  It's her life, she's a grown woman, she can make up her own mind as to what she wants to do with her life.  If being in love with Chris Brown and being the mother to his child is what she thinks will make her happy, back off and let her live her life and don't criticize her for it!

Anyways, I got this from my home-boy over at WWTDD:

"Rihanna’s been talking this week about making a baby with Chris Brown. Because she’s in love. And she’s stupid as f**k. If you’re not picturing an angry high-pitched squealing Chris Brown beating the baby out of Rihanna, you’re not really trying.

This chick loves drama. And weed. But mostly drama. Part of which is taking every chance she can get to show off her t**s and a**. Which is the healthy kind of drama, because showing off your t**s and a** won’t get you put in a hospital, it’ll only make you even more money."

A bit harsh I know, but that's just how he is, he calls it like he sees it, just like I do!  I don't agree with him, I think if Rihanna and Chris love each other, love will find a way.  I think my friend over at WWTDD just needs some loving, ladies?  Anyone?


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