So you're having yourself a Texas baby huh? Well first off, congratulations! Those bundles of joy are exactly that...until they hit 2 years old, then 12 years old. Ok, I kid, maybe a little bit.

Either way, you want those babies looking cute and all done up. You want to be prideful in how your baby looks and the items they have. After all, you are responsible for setting the tone early on in their lives.

Look, it's no secret that we Texans are some of, if not THE most, prideful people in the entire country. "Come & Take It", "Don't Mess With Texas". No one else uses such strong phrases, and no other state takes every opportunity presented to them to let someone know where their from.

That pride has to start early, so I went searching for some of the best Texas themed baby items I could find. Everything from lil' cowboy and cowgirl based stuff, to team pride, to full on Texas pride.

There are a few items in here that are SO unique to Texas, that only a Texan would know what it is. So let's not delay any longer. Here are 17 items you need to look at scooping up for that little bundle of joy.

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