We've all seen the stories about Rihanna collaborating with former boy-friend and abuser, Chris Brown.  The music world has been buzzing about this information and it shocked many fans that are stuck trying to figure out why she would work with a guy that beat her senseless and left her with an eye swollen shut.  I think people just kind of need to let it go, build a bridge and get over it, but alas I'm in a small pile of people that feel the same way.

Some of her fans are pretty disappointed that she would rekindle any kind of relationship with Brown, be it personal or business, and they are even getting vocal about it.  So vocal about it, it's actually caught the attention of the SOS singer and has demonstrated Newton's law of motion.  Generating a reaction from Rihanna.

One fan, a teenager named Jaree S. whom resides in Kansas City expressed her opinion on her twitter account, writing:

I gotta admit, I lost alot of respect for @rihanna.. Makin a song w/ the dude that beat your face off is not a good look

Well as Jaree probably didn't expect, Rihanna saw it on her twitter and decided to reply with:

"neither is your avi #clapback."


Okay so if your not familiar with the slang used here, "avi" is short for "avatar" the picture you use on your twitter account.  "Clapback" refers to back fat.  When someone has so much back fat, it claps while they walk.  And now you know.


So basically, Rihanna told this girl that she's too fat to have a valid opinion.  But wait!  There's more!

Rihanna then encouraged her fans to fire off at Jaree, claiming she was being abused by her.  Yeah, saying SHE's the victim of cyber bullying!  Tweeting this:

I'm being cyber bullied by ---------->@JuhReeV

GRRRRR how dare she act like a victim!

Jaree then saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 messages making fun of her weight and appearance.  Rihanna's twitter followers took it upon themselves to find out Jaree's home address and then made a trip around 3:30am to unload an attack of bottle-rockets at her house!  A firework war all fueled by Rihanna!

Not so innocent now, is she?  I say, let Rihanna work with Brown all she wants.  Hell they can even get back in a relationship I really don't care.  You can only help those that help themselves as Jesus would say.



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