The City of Amarillo is getting ready to do some seal-coating on select city streets this summer. The targeted streets are between Amarillo Boulevard and Interstate 40 from Washington/Hughes to Ross/Mirror as well as the area between the BNSF railroad tracks and Osage from Interstate 40 to S.E. 58th Avenue.

Residents near those streets will receive notification about when it will start the week prior to the seal-coating. You will need to move parked cars off the street before the work starts.

Nerd alert!  Here's how it works: There will be a layer of hot liquid asphalt applied to the street. On top of that, there will be asphalt covered rocks applied. During this process, the street will actually be closed. About 2 hours after that, excess rock will be swept to the side.  Then about 3 days later, a street sweeper will come and get rid of any excess rocks on the road.

If residents have questions or concerns, they may contact the Street department at (806) 378-6815 or view a map of the proposed project’s boundaries online at

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