What would you like for breakfast Timmy?  JUSTICE!  A little bit road rage turns into a little bit of justice served up in this must see video!

So this dude and his girl are having a nice Sunday drive down the highway in some foreign land.  While on their excursion, a rude and total douche bag looking guy in one of those annoying little sporty cars that the driver thinks is fast but it really isn't (gotta breathe I'm thinking to fast)...starts to act like an ass.

He continuously rides up on their rear, getting very close at points.  He keeps trying to pass in the most absurd places, where there is absolutely no way in hell he's going to get by.

He finally makes his break and does his little ricer-fly-by, but then he cuts off the driver that he was acting the fool towards.

He hits his brakes and the driver tries to go around, but he keeps hopping in front of him all in an effort to stop him.

He stops them, and he gets out of his insanely cool ride and approaches the car door.

What happens next?

Does he A)  Give the couple 2 lollipops and a smile.  B)  Shake the driver's hand and commend him on his driving skills.  C)  Drag the driver out of the car and start swinging.  D)  Drag the driver out, but a shirtless hero saves the day.

See for yourself below!

***WARNING!  It's a little violent, viewer discretion is advised.***

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