Summertime is always a good time to go exploring the world.

One of the more popular things to do is head out on a road trip.

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Have you ever been on a road trip and counted how many cities you drive through? If not, next time maybe you should. You might be surprised how just how many you drive through.

I mapped out a short trip from Amarillo to Albuquerque just out of curiosity, and I was blown away at just how many cities you'd travel through.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When you take a look at the map on Google, you see eight cities that pop up. After Santa Rosa, it appears you don't hit another city until you get to Albuquerque, right? Yeah that can't be right, let's zoom in a bit.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ah, there we go. Six more cities pop up when we zoom in at Santa Rosa. So that gives us a total of 14 cities you drive through from Amarillo to Albuquerque. Well, that would be incorrect as well.

Would you believe me if I told you there were a whopping 41 cities you drive through in a four-hour drive?

I know, you're sitting there thinking I'm crazy for this claim. Well, allow me to back it up. Here's a list of all 41 cities you'll roll through...and I'm sure there are some here you didn't even knew existed.

Soncy, TX (population 19,779)
Wildorado, TX (population 539)
Bushland, TX (population 1,217)
Everett, TX (population not found)
Vega, TX (population 916)
Landergin, TX. (population not found)
Adrian, TX (population 173)
Wimberly Place, TX (population not found)
Gruhlkey, TX (population not found)
Boise, TX. (population not found)
Glenrio, TX (population 1)
Endee, NM (population about 300)
Bard, NM (population 49)
Porter, NM (population not found)
Pleasant Valley, NM (population 9,615)
San Jon, NM (population 216)
Lesbia, NM (population not found)
Tucumcari, NM (population 4,872)
Palomas, NM (population 115)
Montoya, NM (population not found)
Newkirk, NM (population 0)

We've now reached the halfway point of our trip, and we've cleared through 21 cities. Only THREE of those have a population of over 1,000 people in them. I get it, they're small cities but still, did you even realize you've driven through 21 cities? Let's keep moving.

Cuervo, NM (population 58)
Double Mills, NM (population not found)
Los Tanos, NM (population not found)
Agua Negra, NM (population 110)
Santa Rosa, NM (population 3,007)
Vegas Junction, NM (population not found)
Milagro, NM (population 82)
Palma, NM (population 38)
Clines Corners, NM (population 211)
Estancia Ranchettes, NM (population 1,655)
Cavasos Place, NM (population not found)
Jarett Place, NM (population not found)
Briggs Place, NM (population not found)
Moriarty, NM (population 1,835)
Johns Place, NM (population not found)
Sandia Knolls, NM (population 1,516)
Sandia Park, NM (population 247)
North Valley, NM (population 13,331)

41 cities are now accounted for on your drive to Albuquerque. Next time you make the drive to Albuquerque, see if you can find signs for EACH one of these cities, then send em over to me. I'd love to see if they're all represented on the highway.

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