Oh yeah, I'm just chalking up the crime stories today!  There must be a full moon (there isn't) because people are acting CRAZY today!  A robbery in Amarillo turned into a burglary and ultimately led to a police chase.  That's a mouthful!

"Amarillo police and Randall County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a Wednesday afternoon burglary-turned-robbery that led to a vehicle chase, police Lt. Gary Trupe said.

Amarillo police received a call of a suspected robber in the 3400 block of Tradewind Street driving a tan-colored car with a stolen TV inside, Trupe said.

An officer spotted the car in the neighborhood headed north on South Arthur Street. The officer gave chase and the driver of the car failed to make a right turn from Arthur onto Southeast 17th Avenue, hitting a stop sign and driving into a fence, Trupe said.

The driver and a passenger in the car fled east on foot but police quickly apprehended them, Trupe said. Police found a semi-automatic pistol on one of the men, Trupe said.

Officers learned stolen goods, including the TV and frozen food items, found inside the vehicle belonged to a woman on Pony Road in rural Randall County. The woman had come home while the men were attempting to burglarize the house, and one of the men fired a gun.

Trupe said he was not clear whether the man fired in the woman’s direction, but she was unharmed and was able to identify the robbers and recover her possessions. Police intended to charge the men, who Trupe did not identify, with evading arrest charges, and Trupe expected the men would face further charges out of Randall County."

I think when I get off work today, I'm just going to stay home with the doors locked...