This story is so messed up, but I actually feel sorry for the lady.  Two ladies and a man were arrested after stealing baby items and taking police on a high speed chase.

It is never ok to steal.  But there are situations that make you feel sorry for the thieves.  Like when they are so desperate they steal diapers.  I have a son and I know that baby products are ridiculously expensive.  Formula is down right outrageous.  And for clothes to be so small, it cost just as much as adult clothes.

But there is always a better way to get the stuff you need then stealing.  Two women and a man were arrested in Pennsylvania after they led cops on a high speed chase.  The women apparently stopped at the local Rite Aid and stole a bunch of baby products including diapers.  They then sped off in a white mini van.

The cops were soon hot on their trail.  The thieves led police through three different counties hitting cars on the way.  Witnesses even say that the driver tried to run over police officers.

When the chase came to an end, the police discovered that the van was also stolen and the driver had several warrants for her arrest.

Obviously the thieves were criminals to begin with, but stealing diapers is just sad.  It make you wonder if they were for their children or not.