If you can believe it, there is such a thing as an International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship and for the last 20 years the winner has been a member of either the Krause or Lessard families. But not this year. This year belongs to 46-year-old Ronn Matt of Chicago, who was able to spit a cherry pit 69 feet, making him the new world champ.

Check out some footage of the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship below.

Brian “Young Gun” Krause still holds the world record for spitting a cherry pit more than 93 feet, but Matt’s distance from this past Saturday is pretty darn impressive.

The funny part is that it took convincing from his wife to even enter the competition, and now he has beaten out all the participating members of that famed cherry pit-spitting family. Brian Krause came in fifth this year, with his father coming in second and his brother making third place.

After 40 years since Herb Teichman started this whole affair, the tournament now has six different divisions and attracts participants from across the globe.

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