Molly Schulyer is no stranger to Amarillo and definitely not afraid of food either. Molly demolished The Big Texan steak challenge last year when she ate 3 full steak meals in 22 minutes.

She also ate a 10lb. breakfast burrito on The Hacker Morning show in less than a hour.

Over the weekend, Molly broke a world-record by eating a gigantic 5lb. burrito in one minute and thirty two seconds. She attempted this record at Iguana's in San Jose, California. Molly has broken many food challenge records across the world. The crazy thing is that Molly can eat a lot of food but in person you can't even tell she's a competitive food eater because she only weighs 120lbs. Molly  also did the pho challenge here in Amarillo and destroyed that record too!

Not gonna lie - watching this video of Molly eating this 5lb. burrito was gross but very cool to see her break the world record. Way to go Molly and we will see ya soon back here in Amarillo, Texas!

Iguana's Burritozilla Challenge


The Big Texan Challenge

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