Russ is back with a vengeance on his first release of 2018, releasing an aggressive new song called "Flip." The New Jersey native directly addresses his haters and nay-sayers on the new track, where he spits some scathing bars about those who spread rumors about him, but still can't match his success.

Based on his previous beefs and verbal battles involving rappers like Smokepurpp and people not taking to kindly to his ant-drug last year, we can guess some of them might have been in mind when he penned his lyrics.

"Talking and being broke, that's all y'all are good for/Mad 'cause your bookkeepers keep saying you need to get booked more," he raps. "Your lack of success is not my fault, with your crying ass/Spreading rumors 'bout me, bitch you reaching with your lying ass/Price, I just swipe, its been two years since I've looked/If you hate but you follow, you're a fan, that's understood."

Like a majority of his songs, "Flip" is produced by Russ, himself, and follows in the footsteps of his latest record, "Lean on You," which he dropped last month.

The Atlanta-based rapper gained fame this past year after dropping his critically acclaimed There's Really a Wolf album, which features his platinum records, "What They Want" and "Losin' Control."

Take a listen to Russ' new song, "Flip," in the audio below to hear him take aim at his haters.

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