Easily the greatest, most emotional moment of tonight's exciting draft.

There was a time, not long ago, where some thought Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier would never walk again. After suffering a gruesome spinal injury during this past NFL season, Ryan is not only walking, but continuing to inspire us all.

When watching the NFL draft, generally you're not expecting to shed a tear. That is, unless you're a Browns fan. Maybe even a Saints fan judging by the reaction I've seen tonight.

Tonight's NFL Draft did, however, feature one tear-jerking moment. The Steelers were on the clock, and the pick was in. To announce their pick in the first round, Ryan Shazier was in the building. The camera cuts to Shazier walking from back stage to the podium. He walked the entire way, never pausing or wavering, and cracked a perfect smile when he arrived at the podium.

What an amazing moment.

Here's the video, as well as reactions from Twitter.










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