So I'll be the first to admit I'm not personally a sci-fi fan.

Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. just didn't really do it for me...and I get ROASTED for the Star Wars thing.

However, my oldest son loves Star Wars & Harry Potter. Both of those live in the sci-fi world, just in different ways right? Problem is, there wasn't really anyone who specialized in sci-fi gear and collectibles here in Amarillo.

The game has officially changed. Westgate Mall is your destination. Once inside, make a beeline to Space Emporium. Once you're there, first thing you do is say thank you to owners Christopher and Letty Wylie.

Then you start your journey through the store. Allow yourself some time, like a good hour or two because there is some REALLY cool stuff in there.

For collectors of autographs from their favorite stars, you'll find a solid selection of signed photos and other items.

Maybe you're a collector of different things, such as cell art. If you don't know what that is, it's frames of film cell from actually reels of the movie. These get framed and you own an actual piece of the movie itself.

It's such a cool and popular thing that a trading card company back in the day made baseball cards with the film cell concept, and they were some of my favorite cards ever made.

You're also going to find a wide array of collectibles, posters, shirts and other items. There is literally everything here for the sci-fi collectors. I can't wait to take my oldest into the store.

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