Kylie Jenner unknowingly set the theme for 2016 with an inane video posted to her subscription app last year where she declared, "This year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff. And everyone around me — we’re just, like, realizing things."

Despite the laughable absurdity of her statements, the world ultimately came to embrace Kylie's considerable foresight, once the horrors of 2016 began to unfold. And it looks like fellow celebrity Selena Gomez has (sort of) co-signed the sentiment, noting 2016 gave her the gift of "awareness" and taught her a thing or two about her friendships.

“I would say the biggest lesson that I've been learning since 2016 would definitely be awareness,” the Revival singer said during an Instagram live video. “I think it's really important to be aware of like, the people that you're surrounding yourself with, the people that are purposefully the ones you are spending time with.”

She continued, noting the difference between shallow friendships and meaningful ones.

“We go to dinner sometimes with friends, and sometimes we'll go to dinner and we'll leave and we'll think, 'That was such a pointless dinner. What did I learn from it? What did I gain from it? What was the point of it?’” Gomez said. “And then other nights we'll end up at the table for five hours with friends...[asking] where you are in life. Like, where we are, we're constantly checking in with each other. Like, 'Hey, are you good? Are you good?’”

Gomez took a break from the limelight late last year, canceling the remainder of her Revival Tour to focus on her mental health. She's since returned to social media and delivered an emotional speech during the 2016 American Music Awards where she opened up about her health issues.

“I had to stop, because I had everything and I was absolutely broken inside,” Gomez said. “I have to say thank you so much to my fans, because you guys are so damn loyal, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you…If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken.”

Selena Gomez Killed 2016 With Kindness: A Look Back at Her Extraordinary Year

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