Today (Aug. 20) in the Twitterverse, we got trolled by celebs who refuse to use calendars, looked at some cute puppies and even cuter engagement photos, and honored the memory of legendary screenwriter Elmore Leonard, who died today.

Kelly Clarkson shared an adorable engagement photo!

Selena Gomez's concert left her in terrible pain.

Ice-T has very big dreams.

Today, Blake Shelton trolled the entire internet.

Pretty sure Martha Stewart learned to make special brownies today.

Ian Somerhalder has a new rescue puppy he named Nietzsche.

Dwayne Johnson continues to be awesome.

Just in case you were wondering what Russell Crowe does all day, now you know.

Everything Robert Sheehan writes we hear in his Nathan voice.

Audrina Patridge totally missed the point.

Author Joyce Carol Oates is using kittens for evil!

And the rest honored late screenwriter, Elmore Leonard.

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