Oh, that poor defender. If ever there was a time to just up and quit the game, this would be it: getting self-alley-ooped on during a live game. Damn.

The superhero who executed this diabolically brilliant maneuver is former Harlem Globetrotter Angelo Sharpless. We don't know who the guy allegedly playing defense is, but 10 bucks says he's changed his name and gotten some reconstructive surgery by now -- though that can't help rebuild his pride, which remains to this day curled up in the corner of the court, pathetically whimpering in despair, desperately trying to recall the days when there was hope and joy in the world.

While this amazing dunk is amazing for all the right reasons, sometimes it's the dunker who gets embarrassed. Like that time a guy tried a blindfolded dunk, and he failed. Or that time another guy tried to jump over five of his buddes, and he failed too. It's been an up-and-down year for dunks, is what we're saying. Keep 'em coming!

More highlights from Angelo Sharpless here:

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