It seems that some restaurants here in the area are struggling and have been struggling.  In fact, two restaurant companies in Amarillo have filed for bankruptcy.

Minerva Studio

Maybe in the last few days you thought you would get your Italian fix so you pulled into the Johnny Carino's parking lot only to find the restaurant closed.

The local Johnny Carinos's shut its doors on Wednesday, August 3rd.  The company that owned the Johnny Carino's restaurants, Fired Up Inc.  The company, based in Austin, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 13th.  This was the second bankruptcy filing for the company with in the last 3 years.

The Johnny Carino's opened in Amarillo on August 1, 2001, then 15 years almost to the date closed their doors for good.

The area we call restaurant row between Coulter and Soncy on I-40 maybe looking like a ghost town, because directly next to where Johnny Carino's is located is Logan's Roadhouse and the company has also filed for bankruptcy.

Logan's Roadhouse filed for bankruptcy on Monday, August 8th.  They are planning on closing 18 of their underperforming restaurants.  Does that mean the location in Amarillo will be closing? As of now the list of Logan's Roadhouse restaurants haven't been released.

However, both restaurants have seemed to struggle over the past few years.  Reading through reviews about the two restaurants just in Amarillo, it seems that the service and the food quality have gone downhill.

It's never good to see a business close its doors because that means there is an employee base without jobs.   Hopefully the Logan's in Amarillo will be spared and they will work to make it a better place to eat.

What restaurant would you like to see in Amarillo?




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