I love it when two entities can team up and create something special for the city.   This is going to be a special partnership that will benefit students and animals alike.

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The Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine is teaming up with the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

“This partnership is an incredible opportunity for AAMW,” said AAMW Director Victoria Medley. “We are excited to be partnering with the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine. It will mean so much for the Amarillo community, as well as for the pets in our care.

“This partnership will pay dividends, as many of these young men and women will one day use the skills they hone here at AAMW to serve the animals and people of the Texas Panhandle, West Texas and the surrounding areas.”

As the students progress in their veterinary training, they will be able to do rotations at the AAMW, using what they have learned to help our shelter animals.

The first-year students will be able to provide physical exams, blood work, and care at the school and volunteer efforts at the AAMW.

Second and third-year students, with the school and AAMW instructors, will provide enhanced care and diagnostics, including advanced imagine, ultrasound, sophisticated bloodwork, and testing, plus surgeries such as spays and neuters.

Fourth year students will work alongside the school instructors and AAMW instructors on site at the AAMW facility.

“As one of the SVM Core Values, community is a foundation of our program. The city of Amarillo and this community make it all possible,” said Clayton Cobb, assistant professor of general veterinary practice at the SVM. “Our goal is to form veterinary students that can help communities like Amarillo. Without the AAMW, we could not achieve this goal and we hope to provide a source of aid and enthusiasm to all people and pets of the Panhandle. ”

This partnership is going to be great for the AAMW, this means that these shelter pets will get the best possible care.  Plus, our Tech Vet students will have hands on training that will build better veterinarian's here in the Texas Panhandle.

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