One person found a small way to impact Amarillo in a big way!

When see someone on the side of the road with a sign you might think it's someone asking for money. That's what I saw this morning when I was on 34th going over the 27 overpass. But when I took a closer look I saw this.


I had to turn around and found out what is making this lady do this. Her name is April. She says that she has been all around town holding up this sign. Sometimes she will dance and play her kazoo too.

Why is April doing this? She knows that there is so much negativity out there. So she decided to come out and make sure people see something positive on their way to work or school.

April wasn't looking for money or anything. She was just looking to make people's day by simply saying, "You're Awesome".

Thanks April. You are awesome too!

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