There's a place in Elk City, OK where you can learn more about the Mother Road.

The National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma is a museum about the mother road. Not just the part that runs through Oklahoma.

Just a few hours drive down Route 40 and you are in Elk City. As soon as you get off Rt. 40 you will see the larger than life Route 66 sign. Just pull inside and you will see a lot of cool memorabilia.

The museum had lots of antique cars and motorcycles. There are lots of old Rt. 66 signs as well.

There is also a room with a large collection of Popeye Memorabilia. Popeye the Sailor is an old cartoon that came out in the mid-20's. Not sure why there is a whole room dedicated to the cartoon but it is impressive.

Of course, there is a souvenir shop too. So you can get anything you want. From t-shirts to postcards, they have an Rt. 66 sign on it.



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