Some restaurants and other service related establishments are charging a COVID-19 surcharge to offset rising wholesale prices. As states lift restrictions on businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic local restaurants are seeing food costs skyrocket to the highest increase in nearly 50 years. That’s why some restaurants and even salons in Texas are adding a coronavirus “surcharge” on bills as many establishments continue to try and make ends meet.  I have asked local establishments if they were adding a surcharge to bills, the majority said no, however some did say prices have gone up on certain food items like beef and pork dishes.

If you are a beef consumer here in Amarillo you have noticed that beef prices have drastically increased in the last two weeks, a sirloin steak that would normally cost about $6.00 a pound has risen to nearly ten dollars locally. I get the rising prices on beef and pork.

COVID-19 surcharges have not only been reported at restaurants but some salons in Texas are adding a sanitation fee ranging around three dollars on average in the Houston area. I think that is actually a sham when such businesses are required by law to maintain a sanitary environment.  Should we pay businesses extra for what is expected and already required?

While some businesses are struggling to make ends meet and to keep their doors open I can understand why a general COVID-19 surcharge should be implemented for local businesses, for certain things. I don’t mind paying a little more and helping out our community. Paying a surcharge for making sure an establishment is clean, sorry that is something that is expected.

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