So my understanding is that men go to strip clubs to see beautiful women dancing around in almost nothing.  With that being said, do you think that strippers should be allowed to continue dancing if they are pregnant?

Now I never really understood why people go to strip clubs.  You spend a lot of money and you can't touch the ladies, or you're not suppose to anyway.  But I can't even imagine seeing a pregnant stripper.

A friend of mine recently went to a Bachelor Party recently and he said that one of the strippers was pregnant and still dancing on the pole. And what is even worse, is that he said it was kind of hot.

I have no problem with strippers.  If that is the way they chose to make their money I am not going to judge them.  But if you are pregnant, it is a different story.  I'm not saying you can't work in the strip joint, but at least ask to get moved to the door or waitress.

As we were discussing this, he said that this was a great idea.  Confused?  Yeah so was I, but here is reasoning:

Pregnant strippers can be used at all Bachelor Parties.  Most women don't want men to have strippers because they are afraid they will sleep with the stripper, but not if they are pregnant.

He thinks this will help the fiance feel more comfortable with the idea of a stripper at the Bachelor party.  He also says that this idea is copyrighted so don't steal it!  Haha.

He is insane!   I think the whole concept of pregnant strippers is crazy.  Could you imagine going to a Bachelor Party and having a pregnant stripper dance for you?  Gross!!

What are your thoughts on this.

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