I came across a video shared on Reddit today of a totally hilarious crazy lady that frequents different universities to preach the good word to the kiddos. She came to Texas Tech a couple of weeks ago and was a total hit.

Or something like that.

She goes by the name Sister Cindy on TikTok and has over 200,000 followers that appear to actually enjoy her visits. Her main focus is "slut-shaming," and everyone calls her "Slut-Shaming Cindy." After watching every video of her I could find, I have come to the conclusion that she is not a real preacher, but a brilliant comedian.

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Cindy makes some pretty bold statements, like her intro where she asks the gathered Texas Tech students "where are the sluts," and then pauses for the roar of laughter from onlooking college students. At one point in the recent Texas Tech video, she says:

"Don't ever go out with a girl that wants to go to a Mexican restaurant." 

The crowd of students gasp and scream, completely floored that she would say something so ridiculous. She waits for the noise to die down, and several students yell, "why?" She continues:

"Don't do it, don't do it, because she does not want a taco. She doesn't even like enchiladas. What she wants is a margarita. Do you know what happens if you buy her a margarita? She will jump right on your penis!" 

Eventually, Sister Cindy gets a bit more explicit with her apparent rant:

"Because after she drinks that third margarita, she will grab your penis and ram it right up your anus!"

Unsurprisingly, the crowd erupts in cheers, because college.

Watch Sister Cindy in action in Lubbock:

According to an article posted earlier in the month by Daily Dot, Sister Cindy is indeed serious about her preaching. Sister Cindy and her husband, Brother Jed, have apparently been evangelizing for decades, even appearing on the TV show Sally in 1988.

What do you think? Are they a pair of nut jobs, or just enjoying the spotlight and laughter? Comment below or on the FMX Facebook page.

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