I've lived and traveled all over the U.S. After high school I rambled like the protagonist of some old country song. Along the way, I found a lot of "regional" phrases and sayings that only exist in certain places, or are used more frequently than in other places.

Here's a quick list of phrases I've overheard being used in various places throughout Amarillo.


  • 1

    Drunker than Cooter Brown

    When a guy gets way too drunk, you’ll always hear someone say he is "drunker than Cooter Brown.” Cooter Brown is legendary for his drunkenness, which he used to avoid the draft during the Civil War.

  • 2

    Three Sheets to the Wind

    This phrase is usually used to describe someone who has had way too much to drink and is a bit out of control. It’s derived from the nautical term for a rope that controls the trim of a sail. If that rope has come loose, then the “sheet is in the wind”, and it’s not a good thing.

  • 3

    Mud Cricket

    This is a term used to describe the style and lifestyle of those who mix short cut off shorts, halter tops, and an overpriced pair of boots. Usually found bragging about their love of muddin' and chasing the boys with jacked up trucks. Has dated everyone that hangs out at the dirt track.

  • 4

    Dog Won’t Hunt

    This phrase is used when describing an idea or plan that is doomed from the start. Also used to describe something/someone that just doesn’t work.

  • 5

    Bless Your Heart

    The most passive-aggressive phrase in the English language. Nothing cuts to the quick quite like a southern woman giving you “that look” followed up with, “Awww, bless your heart.”

  • 6

    How’s Yer Mom ‘an Them

    This greeting is usually used between two very close friends or acquaintances. Instead of asking, “How is everyone,” or, “How is your family doing,” you can simply ask “How’s yer mom ‘an them?”

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