Beginning tomorrow, January 1, 2014, the state of Oregon has made it illegal to smoke in the car if there are any kids with you.  Fines will be given and many people think that this should be a nation wide law, do you?

For years we have read and heard of the dangers of second hand smoke.  But for kids who grow up with smoking parents, they have no choice.  They can't tell their parents to stop, so they grow up breathing the hazardous fumes.  Lawmakers in Oregon say that it is child abuse.

So what will happen?  Well, the law is flawed.  Police cannot pull over a person for simply smoking with children in the car, but if someone makes an illegal turn, runs a stop sign or is speeding and they are smoking with kids in the car- they are busted.  The first fine will be $250 and every time after that the fine will be $500.

Now, most of us know that if a person smokes in the car with kids then they probably smoke at home with the kids.  We can't police all personal conduct, this is a start.  The law does have some kinks that needs to be worked out, but hopefully this will open parents eyes a little.

It is one thing to do damage to your own body, but to subject a precious baby's lungs to such horrible toxins is another.  I think this is a great law.  I smoked for years, and I loved it.  But once I knew I was bringing a little life into this world, I knew that I could not poison his little body so I stopped and haven't smoked since.

What do you think about this law?  Should Texas pass a similar law?  Take our poll and tell us what you think.