Do you have sneaky dogs?  I know I do, you just never know what they are up to sometimes.   You may or may not have seen this story about a couple of sneaky dogs in Virginia who stole the mail carrier's lunch right out of his truck.

Carol Jordan received a postal notice on her door, but it wasn't to pick up a package it was to warn her than the her dogs has snuck in to the mail carrier's truck and stole his lunch.  As a courtesy he just wanted to let the owner know so that in case the dogs ended up with upset stomachs.

Of course the post has gone viral.

Seeing this yesterday it made me think of all the sneaky things our dogs do behind our backs.

Our husky Ghost is very sneaky, he's like the disappearing reappaearing dog. He'll be right next to you one second then the next he'll be in a room on the other side of the house. He's Houdini dog. Also we have a flower bed in our backyard that we are trying to get growing and we can't figure out how all the bulbs and blooms keep getting dug up. We thought we had another critter in the yard because the section of the backyard is completely shut off from the kids or the dogs, or so we thought. Houdini Husky found a way to sneak back there and get his dig on.

Dogs are sneaky, you have to watch out for them. Closely.

Has your dog ever stolen someone's food or done something very sneaky? Share your stories with us.

Oh and what happened with the Mail Carrier's lunch? The family apologized and made it good.

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