Lot's of speculation is out there about Snooki being pregnant, but TMZ caught a glimpse of her as she was leaving the Sirius XM studios in New York this morning and she says that she is NOT pregnant and and is insulted by the insinuation she's fat.

Snooki considers the pregnant and weight gain rumors to be rude and seems kind of pissed off about this whole situation. (TMZ)

Snooki is calling radishes on a report that she's pregnant -- claiming not only is she NOT pregnant, she's insulted by the insinuation she's fat.

The "Jersey Shore" star left Sirius XM studios in New York moments ago -- where she appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show -- and a photog flat-out asked if the pregnancy rumor was true ... Snooki firmly replied, "NO!"

Worse, Snooki's livid at rumors she's gained weight, claiming, "Why are people calling me fat? That's so rude!" Snooki said she does wanna get pregnant one day though ... when she gets married.

You never can believe what the celebrities say though so don't hold your breath on this one.  If she is pregnant she would want to keep it a secret because she would know doubt abort her baby and sell it on the black market or something.  But back to the point, celebrities lie about being pregnant and divorce and all kinds of other things.  Stupid publicity stunts for attention.  We'll know the truth soon enough!

As far as the weight gain rumors, well she does seem to have gained some weight.

And if she isn't pregnant, she needs to put down the fork or get on a treadmill or something, then the rumors will stop.  Problem solved, I'm a genius.