Much like most people, Snoop Dogg is fed up with Kanye West’s antics this past week and decided to poke fun at him. The veteran rhyme-slinger went on his Instagram account last week to berate Yeezy for his comments during his TMZ interview.

In one post, Snoop photoshopped West into a white man (see picture above). “The new. Kanye well all white now way to go dude,” he wrote in the caption.

Then Snoop took it to another level using the Animoji app to create videos slamming 'Ye. In one clip, a pitbull explains West's erratic behavior the past several weeks.

“Hey, they done put something in Kanye’s drink,” he barks. “That motherfucker is ape-shit crazy. Fuck. Better leave them white bitches alone, n----."

In another video, an animated Snoop delivers a conspiracy theory about West. “That ain’t the real motherfuckin' Kanye,” he said. “That’s a motherfuckin' replica. I done figured this shit out. They done morphed some other motherfucker into cuz's body.”

Well, not quite.

Snoop's videos follows 50 Cent's trolling of West on his IG page. The Power creator found West admitting that he had liposuction the funniest thing he's heard in his now infamous TMZ interview.

“Wait what[?] That’s what a b***h do when she want a Fat ass. LOL. Get the strap,” he wrote in the caption.

Check out Snoop's posts on Kanye above and below.

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