Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow. So you know it's going to be lit downtown! Here are so tips you might need before heading out.

  1. Drink water. You need to stay hydrated all night long. Drink a big glass or bottle of water before you go out. Drink lots of water while you out. Before you go to bed, drink more water. You might have to go to the bathroom a lot but you wake up feeling better the next morning.
  2. Eat Some Carbs. Eating something like pasta before you drink helps your glycogen levels stay full. Healthy fats and lean proteins like avocado, nuts, chicken, and fish are also good to eat before you go out.
  3. Take an antacid. When you drink, it causes your stomach to produce more acid.  So, drinking something like Alka-Seltzer before you go out will help combat that effect.
  4. Eat some yeast. Supposedly if you mix active dry yeast in some yogurt before you go out drinking, it helps break down the alcohol in your stomach so you don't feel as terrible the next day.


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