No matter what kind of work you do in Amarillo, if you follow these tips you could find yourself getting a promotion faster.

A recent survey says that 65% of managers say that being courteous and respectfu at work can greatly improve your chances for promotion.

You can also make some mistakes that will knock you down the ladder. Try to avoid some of these things.

1. Letting distractions get to you while your sitting in a meeting. We all have done this. The phone vibrates and you have to check it. Well you boss sees you doing it and most likely does not like it. Try to stay focus on what they are saying and check your phone afterwards.

2. Not returning emails or calls fast enough. Most likely you do not check your messages every 5 minutes. But if you are taking days to respond, you most likely are holding someone else up from getting what they need done. Try to get back to people a bit faster.

3. Taking credit for everything. Don't steal all the glory. If someone does even the smallest task to help get the job done, make sure to give them a nice pat on the back.

4. Gossip. Do not get involve with it. This is a big mistake that gets on employers nerves.

When you gossip about people, you run the risk of making enemies at work.  Plus, it looks unprofessional.  So keep it to a minimum, or don't do it at all.

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