Heads up. The City has road improvement projects in two places this week that could affect your daily drive. Be on lookout for work being done on Western and on Hagy.

Western Road Improvements

The improvements on Western will be taking place from 49th to 45th. It was slated to kick off today. So if you noticed the work being done on Western today, it's going to be that way this week.

Hagy Road Improvements

The work being done on Hagy will take place from Wallace to Amarillo Boulevard. Work on those improvements won't begin until Wednesday (11/3/21).

Expect Delays

According to a press release from the City regarding the work being done, you should be expecting lane switches, crews and equipment on the roadways, and you should expect possible delays in those areas.

If the work being done is along your daily route through town, you may want to think about finding an alternate way to get where you need to go for the week.

There will be possibly be some temporary lane closures in those areas.

Drive With Caution, and Pay Attention

Complaining about road work has almost become an official hobby for some of us in Amarillo. I do it all the time. It feels like I'm constantly driving through some kind of work zone.

As frustrating as it can be, drive in those areas with caution. Also, be sure to give the crews a little extra room if you can. Just because we're a little inconvenienced doesn't mean we should take it out on them.

Plus, things are usually nicer when these types of projects are finished.

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