Southwest airlines made a emergency landing in the little ole city of Amarillo, Texas! As I head to work today going down I-40 at around  3pm today I seen a flock of Apd and State Troopers flying by me down the highway like it was a high-speed chase.


I turned up the radio to see if there was anything weird happening today in Amarillo but didn't hear anything. Then I start seeing tweets about plane makes emergency landing at Rick Husband International Airport so when I arrive to Kiss studio I jump on line to see what the deal was. So this is what I found fro my friends over there at ProNews 7 said.

A man is now in custody after officials said he became unruly and disruptive aboard a Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday afternoon.

The plane made an emergency landing at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport at about 3:30 p.m. It was originally reported by airport officials that the man had attempted to break in to the cockpit. Airport officials have now confirmed to Pronews 7 that he did not try to break in to the cockpit.

"The control tower initially said he was trying to break in," Rhodes said. "I can only assume that's what the aircrew told the tower. We got we report he was trying to break into the cockpit but that is inaccurate to report now."

Amarillo Police responded to the airport and took the subject, 29-year-old Ali Reza Shahsauri, into custody. He is from California, police said. He was booked for Interference with a Flight Crew, a Federal offense.

The airplane was Flight 3683, a full non stop flight from Los Angeles to Kansas City. Rhodes said the flight should resume its normal schedule. None of the flight's 136 passengers of five crew memebers was injured, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said.

So as I read this the only thing that went through my head is was this another plot intended for Kansas City? Did you guys hear or see all the cops to?

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